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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Inspiration Exchange

25th June 2013 | braith02admin

An account of Alexander Kelly’s one-to-one performing arts show, ‘Inspiration Exchange’, has been published this month in Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts. …

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Ex-files, not X-Files

| Dr John Elliott

In this post Leeds Met expert Dr John Elliott discusses newly released files that suggest that The Ministry of Defence closed its UFO desk because …

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Leaders – What are they good for?

24th June 2013 | braith02admin

Do those appointed as leaders in their organisations really understand how leadership is working in their organisations? Jeff Gold, Professor of Organisation Learning at Leeds …

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Tony Soprano – Gandolfini’s defining role

20th June 2013 | Lynne Hibberd

In this post Dr Lynne Hibberd, a lecturer in Media, Communication and Cultures reflects on the life of James Gandolfini and considers the attributes he …

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