After completing his Ph.D. at University of Chichester, Andrew spent a year lecturing at The University of Edinburgh before joining the Carnegie Faculty at the end of 2009. As well as teaching sport and exercise psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate level, he am engaged in various activities within the Faculty’s Research Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure.

Andrew also works as a Registered Sport Psychologist supporting athletes and coaches from a range of sports and backgrounds, and act as a reviewer for a number of scientific journals.

2009  Ph.D. (University of Chichester) ‘Expectancies and their consequences within the coach-athlete relationship: An athlete-centred perspective

2004  MSc. Sport Science (University of Essex)

2000  BA (Hons) Psychology (University of Wales, Cardiff)

Based on the findings of recently completed projects conducted in sport and education settings, Andrew is currently investigating the influence that specific sources of information (e.g., body language, verbal communication, written reports) have on expectations and behaviours within interpersonal relationships (e.g., coach-athlete, student-teacher, client-practitioner).  He is also examining the impact of Active Video Games (e.g., Nintendo Wii; XBox Kinect) within three primary contexts: education, physical activity, and sports injury rehabilitation.