Henry Irving is a Senior Lecturer in Public History in the School of Cultural Studies and Humanities. His academic research focuses on mid-20th century British history. He is particularly interested in the history of communication, and his most recent work is on British propaganda and censorship in the Second World War. As an enthusiastic public historian, he is a prolific blogger, has collaborated with various non-academic partners, and occasionally tweets @drhenryirving.

Henry is currently working with Professor Simon Eliot (Institute of English Studies, University of London) on an AHRC-funded project titled ‘A Publishing and Communication History of the Ministry of Information 1939-45’. This project is exploring the organisation set up by the British government to communicate news about the Second World War. Henry has conducted detailed research into government publications, press censorship, propaganda exhibitions, and the use of opinion polling to measure the effect of campaigns. He has recently begun a related project examining the publicity used to promote wartime recycling.

Henry has previously written on the political debates that surrounded rationing and industrial controls between 1945 and 1955. He also works for the History of Parliament Trust and is helping to produce and Oral History archive of life stories from former MPs.