Dr Katy Shaw

Dr Katy Shaw examines writing and conflict, particularly in relation to the 1984-5 UK Miners’ Strike and its legacies. Her research on the contemporary novel has produced two books on crime author David Peace, a monograph on representations of the Credit Crunch in contemporary culture and also the role of twenty-first century genre fiction. She is a public intellectual, literary festival host, media presenter and Twitterer.


  • BA (Hons) Cambridge: English and Education
  • MA (Hons) Cambridge: English
  • MA (Hons) Lancaster: English Literary Research
  • PGCE Northumbria: Post-compulsory Education
  • PhD Lancaster: English Literature


Dr Katy Shaw leads research into twenty-first century writings at Leeds Beckett University. Her research interests include contemporary literature, especially working class literature, cultural representations of post-industrial regeneration and the languages of comedy. Her monographs including David Peace: Texts and Contexts and Mining the Meaning: Cultural Representations of the 1984-5 UK Miners’ Strike.  She is editor of C21 Literature: Journal of 21st-Century Writings.

Dr Shaw has just completed a monograph on cultural representations of the 2007-8 credit crunch across literature, stage and screen. Her current projects include editing a new Bloomsbury monograph series on twenty-first century genre fiction, writing a monograph on Hauntology and uses of the past in the present, and a collaborative project with local theatre, community and heritage groups on the legacies of the 1984-5 UK miners’ strike.  She is also currently authoring a range of journal articles and book chapters on Northern humour, working class literature of the late twentieth-century, crime fiction and Fifty Shades of Grey and the New Erotica.

You can follow Dr Shaw on Twitter at @drkatyshaw