Steve Taylor is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University. His background is in Consciousness Studies, Transpersonal Psychology and Positive Psychology. He has published 7 books, including Making Time, Out of the Darkness and his latest book Back to Sanity. His books have been translated into 16 languages. His articles have been published in over 40 academic journals, magazines and newspapers, and his work has been featured widely in the media in the UK, including in The Daily Mail, The Guardian and the Independent, on BBC Breakfast and Radio 4 and 5.


BA (hons), PGCE, MSc (with distinction), PhD 

In recent years, Steve’s research has focused on the positive after-effects of facing turmoil and trauma. This was published in his book Out of the Darkness, in The Journal of Humanistic Psychology and as a chapter in the academic book The Psychology of Trauma. Dr Taylor is also interested in reports of ‘higher states of consciousness’ and their potential causes. At the moment he is developing and researching the concept of ‘self-sufficiency’, as an aspect of human well-being.